tirsdag den 14. august 2012

This changes everything

Many times before i have really thought that this was it, that i finally made it, and many times before it just blew away in seconds, but this time im 99,9% certain that i found my little golden eeg, what it really comes down to is to understand that there is so much money/volume getting matchet out there, and you only need such a small percentage of that to survive as a fulltime trader. Just think about it,,, how many times have you ever thought that you where the best trader in the world?,,, you just made 20 % off you bank on ONE race,,,WOW we have all been there,, i know i have. But what i have come to realize is that for my bank to double each mounth i only have to make approx 2,4 % of my bank on the whole day, and just think about it if there is approx 40 races aday, thats a 0,06 % per race... SO to bee straight ahead here,,, what my automated excel systems does is that i only profit 2,4 percent of my bank per day, recently decreased it from 5 to 2,4, just to bee sure,, most times my sheet reasches the 2,4 percentage in the first 1 to 3 races, but if it dosent it really dosent matter as there is approx 30 to 50 more races to win it back on... and my sheet have no emotions, so it NEVER makes a mistake. Here is a shot of my actually stakes and profits from my sheet, My bank should doulble each mounth, the blue line is where my profits hould bee, and the red is where it acually is, there are 2 gaps in the red line, and these are days where i have had somer tecnical problems with betfair and betangel, but these are solved now.