søndag den 31. oktober 2010

Back to basics

After months of trying to develop a new system, i have to conclude that it has been one big faliure. ive lost almost 2k trying to find new ways.

So now im back to my old system, i know this works, and im pretty sure i can reach between 2 and 4 k a month. The reason why i was trying to find new ways on betfair was that my old system is very stressfull to execute, but then again, all other traders may think the same about their ways off trading, the conclusion is that no matter how you do it, there is so mush competition, on the racing markets, that you have to develope an edge to make a profit, or have thousands in your account so that you can manipulate the markets.I think that my edge is that i have been trying to specialize in certain markets, and therefore im not effected by manipulaters trying to confuse the small fish, about wich way the odds will go .You will always find me at the markets where the betters money is stronger then the manipulaters.

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