søndag den 22. juli 2012

5% aday of my bank on full automation

Hey there who ever is reading, its beenn a while since i have updated my blog(3years) and i wasent really expecting to do so again. But these last couple of mounts there has been some really big changes to the way im trading. I found myself in the trap of boredom so i desidet to try and automate my trading strategy, i knew it wouldnt be easy, as what i have been used to make in excel was trying to create defferent types off charts and indicators from the BA template sheet, but after 5 years of trying and not really getting anywhere i decidet to make my trading full automatic, and boy im i in for a ride . It took me only a couple of weeks to get the sheet finished, and to fix all the bugs for it to work correct. The way it works is that i have implementet my strategy into it and all of the conditions for my strategy to fire bets into the markets, as im not trading manually i have set a 5%win of my bank pr day and then stop, and i cant believe how great it works, it has been running for 4 weeks now and my bank has increased by 5% every day since that, i just load up the markets in the morning, and come back later in the evening. A couple of days ago i just sat there watching the sheet trade all day, and removed my stop on 5% profit of my bank and at the end of the day it had made me a 29% of my bank, this is ofcourse a very high return, and i have decidet to only make the 5% aday just to bee on the safe side, which actually turns into alot of money just try to type 1000x1,05 into you calculater and hit the = 100 times
Heres a screen shot of my sheet, this is the contolboard as i like to call it, sometimes the sheet runs for hours, and somtimes it reaches its profit target after only 5 races, but i acually dont care if theres 30 or 50 races more to be traded that day, i have made my 5%, without moving as much as a finger or a single mouse click. of course this is not all the sheet your are watching but there are some things i want to keep a secret. ill wil try to update my blog every sunday with my P/L an maybe make some charts showing it, in the mean time take care. Should you have any qustions of any kind, you can find me on skype with the username diskokaj from denmark

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