søndag den 13. juni 2010

Low quality markets Sunday

Sunday was my worst day trading for long time, at one point i was down almost 1000 but at the end of the day i cut my losses to a total off minus 123 total, so i think thats ok.
Heres a video i shot of the first race today, was a ok trade but it just shows how trading can be on weekends, dont know why i even bother trading it at all.

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  1. Hi again!

    I hope I'm not being too anoying!

    As you probably know, Sunday is the day most traders rest, hence the low liquidity. As well as Saturdays there is plenty of liquidity, Sunday is probably the worst.

    Just a quick note... would you mind putting a link to be able to watch the video in bigger size? I've tried to looj for a way to do it but it seems not possible and the small size makes it very difficult to see.

    Last... losing days will always occur. Keep your head up and don't infravalorate a good comeback! Recovering losses is one huge part of the process.

    Thanks for the video and good luck!

  2. Hej cobo

    Im gonna make a youtube channel very soon, ill post my videos there.

    best of luck

  3. The good thing is, as you narrated all, it can be followed. The size is just a good plus.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed it. We seem to have similar approach but yours is longer-term view than mine. Maybe I should try and give it a bit more of time.

    The problem of entering the market early is that if you don't spot the move right it can go against you a huge way as there is not much money on it (I suppose that's what happened on the race you told about in the other post's comment).

    See how it goes today. Cheers!

  4. Hi Tony,

    interesting blog! can i ask you which site you use for bookmakers prices as shown in your video?