onsdag den 16. juni 2010

Why i dont green short price favorites

I think all traders green up all their races, its a way to prove to them self that they have the deciplin and proving that they dont get tempted not to green up,,,, but not me, if i made a nice profit, and i can see that people just keep throwing their money at the fav i will not green up.

The last 2 day im up almost 1600 and im expecting to hit 10 k sometime in the next 5-7 days, when the target is reached, my girlfreind has convinced me that we need new furnitures and that our daghter need a new playground in the garden.

In this video i won 610 as the the won

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  1. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  2. Thanks for the video.

    The problem with that approach is that you are actually gambling... with "free money" (as it was hard to get there in the first place), but gambling anyway. Also, unless you have the knowledge or are lucky enough, the results often don't compensate.

    There was a good post about something similar to this topic on Jim Makos blog: http://www.jimmakos.com/en/betfair-trading/always-green-up-in-betfair-but-why.html

    Anyway, good to hear you're cracking it.


  3. Thanks

    But i dont see it as gambling, just remember i cant loose , i can only "not" win

  4. The thing is that "free" money is equally hard earned.

    What the post I gave you the link tries to explain is that, if odds are adjusted well, the times you "don't win" will level (in terms of money not won) the times you win. So, in short, it doesn't matter wether your let it ride or green up in the end, but the greening approach is less High and lows.

    Anyway, you'll see if it's worth it for you or not. As long as you keep winning... it doesn't matter!

    Good luck!

  5. You are so right, but i have my reasons to do what i do, but i cant get in to that here.
    But one of the reasons is that i dont trade all races, i pick out my battles and then go full throttle, and it seams to work better for my head if i take some big profits sometimes.