tirsdag den 29. juni 2010

My Screen

I really cant figure out if im overdoing it with, graphs and indikators. I posted a screenshot of my screen(2 screens).On a third screen i have a live TV feed, so there is alot to keep an eye on.

When i try to look at the pictures on Adam heatcotes blog and other succesfull traders blogs, it seems that they only have the ladder and a live TV feed.

I would really like some comments on my screen setup, as im trying to find out if there is a easyier way. If you could tell me how yo have your screen set up it would be just perfeckt.

Please comment

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  1. Hi Tony,

    It depends on your trading method what indicators you use. I think AH concentrates on one horse and trades it without caring about the other indicators because they often give contrary signals and it just gets confusing. I have lots of screens open but to be honest I often never even look at them. Less is more sometimes.


  2. I've seen of everything... For example, Jack Birkhead's one is not too cluttered... but his style is very fast and with second-split decissions. Therefore, you can't be looking at too much...

    As the anonym said, it all goes down to your particular style of trading. You just have to feel comfortable with it. If you look at videos of stock traders... there are some that trade with one big screen, others with 2,3... going up to 20+ screens. It really doesn't matter as long as it fits you.

    Just for the record... mine looks a lot like yours! We marely really change the disposition of the things we have on the screen, and that I like having all the Betfair graphs (but just 3 of BA's live charts).


  3. Thanks for your comments

    i reorganized my screen setup, and im gonna make some videos for youtube.

  4. Hi Tony,

    I agree with Cobo's comment that different trading styles are suited to different setups. Swing traders who look for big price movements have to give more consideration to their entry and therefore have the time to use more indicators than a short term position taker.