tirsdag den 29. juni 2010

Saved by the bell

Awfull trading yeserday, i dont know i it was the markeds that was fucked up, or if it was just me who was out tune, afterall i vent been trading for almost a week, as you can see from my screenshot i was down quite a bit, but the last race of the day saved my ass, and i finished 300 or so up.

These kind of ups and downs just confirms what i have been saying for a long time, you just have to win one more race every day then you loose, and you will have a profit.
the key to it all is very simple, but yet so hard to master,,,,,,


Its just like a game of online poker, what seperates the fish from the sharks, the sharks dont tilt when they get a bad beat, because they know they are gonna get a monster hand very soon, the fish on the other hand gets very frustreted when they get a bad beat, and then they are in such a hurry to win it back that they starts to make bad desitions, and this is just what the sharks are waiting for.

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  1. Sad to hear about the bad day... but they're inevitable. We also have to expect a very bad day from time to time... it's just how it is! The thing is that you win overall and to not let these days affect you.

    Sure you can handle it! As you said, it's all very simple, but pretty hard to interiorize it in order to doing it without letting feelings get in!

    Good luck. Cheers!