torsdag den 24. juni 2010

Ready to roll

Finally my new screens have arrived, but not without trouble, as the online company have written the wrong adreess on delevery, this resultet in a 2 delay on delevery.

I havent been trading all week and tomorrow am going shopping for new furnitures, so im very likely not trading tomorrow either, Saturday im going to a big festival nearby, theres a lot of famous artist playing there.

Most likely ill first be trading again on monday, i have a very strick rule i must follow, and that is that if im trading, it have to be all day, and not just half of it, and this is because of the losing and the winning strikes that acurres in trading, and i know that if im trading all day i will most likely not come out of the day with red numbers.

Heres a picture of my new trading setup i now have 2 24 inch screens for trading, and 1 20 inch for watching the race live.

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  1. Hej Tony

    Hvordan er det lykkes for dig at få "at the races" på skærm når du bor i DK. Denne service er ellers kun for engelske og Irske borgere


    Heste trader