fredag den 18. juni 2010

Yet another lovely day on Betfair

Today was like taking candy from children, it was all so predictable, and i got it all right.

I think im gonna take notes of what i could be winning if i green up on each race over a mounth or so, and compare it to what i actually have won by not greening up. If all the favorites today won i would have made over 2500, but ofcourse all favorites cant win.

Heres a screenshot of todays P/L

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wau... I see (althgouh the screenshot had a ton of white space, hehe!) some impressive winnings there. Well done! You've clearly found your way, congratulations.

    About wrinting down the outcome of both options (greening always and not greening), I think is the best thing you can do... it's better doing something with facts to rely on and be sure about it.

    Keep it coming! Cheers!

  2. Jep i found my way, and im so exhited for the weeks to come. My girlfriend dont believe it yet, but how can she keep ignoring my P/L statements.........

    Today ive just ordered 4, 24 inch full HD Wide screens online,and im hoping to receive them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I havent been trading today and will not do so, until i receive my new screens, as one of my two screens broke sometime during this weekend.

    But i hope this is it for me, ive been trying for 6 years to find a way through the neddleeye, i do think my system/approach is diffrent from all other traders, as i havent received any training or help from anyone to get this far.
    I think many of the traders is looking for the same thing/signals( monentum, WOM and so on)when they are trading and therefor they have to be quik and greedy to get the best prizes before a big move, i dont need any of these, and therefore i think i will be able to adapt better to ever changing markets then them, but only the future can tell.